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Commentaries on this Media!

Videogames and computers on film

by Critical Commons Manager

Videogames play a relatively minor role in Iain Softley's Hackers, but they contribute to an initial gender-based competition between elite hackers (and romantic leads) Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller. When Miller defeats Jolie at a simulated arcade version of Wipeout (Psygnosis 1995), it sparks a rivalry that can only be resolved through a competition in computer hacking...or the bedroom. As is often the case with videogame narratives on film, on-screen gameplay is used as a surrogate for the relatively non-visual activities of computer programming. However, Hackers also went on to generate some of the most baroque and absurd visualizations of internal computer processes in the history of Hollywood.

Videogames as geek seduction in Hackers

Videogames and gender competition are coextensive with 1990s teenage technology hacking

from Hackers (1995)
Creator: Iain Softley
Distributor: United Artists
Posted by Critical Commons Manager