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Commentaries on this Media!

Videogames integrated with computer OS in Her

by Critical Commons Manager

Conventional lines between media are erased in this scene from Her when gameplay is interrupted by an incoming e-mail message. The room-sized holographic display space of the game, a sci-fi exploration adventure, seamlessly transitions to display the results of an internet search. In this scene, video games, like the personified operating system, are fully integrated into the life of the player, who is also experiencing eroding boundaries between organic and artificial life. The game character introduced in this scene retains the playful irreverence of 2010s video game culture without being trivialized as domestic diversion for a social outcast.

Videogame play is seamlessly integrated with an artificially intelligent operating system in Her

A profane but loveable video game character interacts seamlessly with the player and an AI based computer operating system

from Her (2013)
Creator: Spike Jonze
Posted by Critical Commons Manager