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Commentaries on this Media!

TV talk show parody

by Critical Commons Manager

Cronenberg's fictional mass media pundit Brian O'Blivion appears on television as a televisual avatar of Marshall McLuhan, spouting pre-recorded aphorisms that only partially relate to the conversation at hand, while the soft core pornographer played by James Woods attempts to hit on Debbie Harry, who is wearing a red dress as a sign of her hyper-stimulated state of existence. The cinematic critique of television as low culture was rarely made with such perverse alacrity, simultaneously condemning TV as leading to psychosis and death, while celebrating its capacity to create connection among even the most disenfranchised citizens.

Videodrome TV talk show

The Marshall McLuhan surrogate Professor Brian O'Blivion appears on television, on television

from Videodrome (1983)
Creator: David Cronenberg
Posted by Critical Commons Manager