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Commentaries on this Media!

A variation on the Turing test in Star Trek

by Critical Commons Manager

Before a computer will comply with direct commands from a human, he must first prove his identity beyond simple voice recognition. This episode of Star Trek aired nearly 20 years after Alan Turing proposed his test of machine intelligence, foretelling a day when computers will be endowed with communicative and analytical capacity approximating or exceeding that of humans. In this scene, both the human and artificial intelligence agents seem exasperated and impatient to be dealing with one another.

Verbal sparring between a future human and analytical computer on Star Trek

An agent from the future is sent back in time to interrupt the U.S. space program before it precipitates planetary destruction but first he must win an argument with a computer.

from Star Trek S2E26 "Assignment Earth" (1968)
Creator: Gene Roddenberry
Distributor: NBC
Posted by Critical Commons Manager