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United States of Tara title sequence

by Critical Commons Manager

The Emmy award-winning opening title sequence of United States of Tara, directed by Jamie Caliri ingeniously solves the problem of representing the multiple personalities of its main character through highly stylized animations that are rendered in a pop-up book style. The drawings depict the three primary "alters" (Alice, Buck and T) who periodically come forward to take over the personality of the show's main character, each of whom is associated with a discrete wardrobe and set of personality traits. In essence, the titles function as a mini-narrative, foreshadowing the extreme disparity of the characters and situating them in orbit around the central character of Tara.

United States of Tara title sequence

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The opening sequence of United States of Tara is rendered in the style of a children's pop-up book

from United States of Tara (2009)
Creator: Diablo Cody
Distributor: Showtime
Posted by Critical Commons Manager