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Video games and social neglect

by Critical Commons Manager

Kevin Smith's teenage slacker comedy Mallrats (1995) alternately celebrates and condemns the feckless existence of teenagers engaged in a series of inconsequential activities and relationships. In this scene, which is meant to pass for an internal critique of the main character's (Jason Lee) inability to take his life (or relationship with his girlfriend, Shannen Doherty) seriously, video hockey serves as a distraction from their semblance of a love life. At other points in the film avoidance of adult responsibility is achieved through an obsessive and equally trivial relationship to television, comic books and hanging out at the mall.

Trivialization of videogames in Mallrats

A teenage slacker prefers pontificating about video hockey to having sex with his girlfriend

from Mallrats (1995)
Creator: Kevin Smith
Distributor: Grammercy Pictures
Posted by Critical Commons Manager