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Treme title sequence

by Critical Commons Manager

Set in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the title sequence for HBO's 2010 drama Treme frames the history of the city with nostalgic and stereotypical imagery of the jazz culture of New Orleans that was wiped out by the hurricane. Contemporary images in the sequence focus on property destruction wrought by the flooding, particularly the water damage and moldy residue left on photo albums and walls, which are photographed to resemble abstract expressionist works of art. The opening montage, which is accompanied by John Boutte's upbeat, pre-Katrina "Treme Song," includes occasional imagery hinting at the economic and racial disparities in New Orleans, but the sequence is largely celebratory, with no explicit references to the complex history of racial politics in the region.

Treme title sequence

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The title sequence for Treme encapsulates its nostalgic vision for pre-Katrina New Orleans

from Treme (2010)
Creator: David Simon
Distributor: HBO
Posted by Critical Commons Manager