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Conflicted visions of video games on TV

by Critical Commons Manager

In The Sopranos, "Meadowlands" (1999), a session playing Mario Kart helps Tony Soprano reconnect with his son after a day of gangster violence, thereby inverting Hollywood's usual depiction of console games as damaging family tranquility. This isolated sequence of lighthearted game play, however, is contrasted with the rest of the episode, in which Anthony Jr. gets in two fights at school and discovers for the first time that his father is a member of the mafia.

Tony Soprano bonds with his family via video games in The Sopranos "Meadowlands"

Intergenerational play and familial reconciliation is facilitated by a Nintendo home console and Mario Kart 64

from The Sopranos S1E4 "Meadowlands" (1999)
Creator: David Chase
Distributor: HBO
Posted by Critical Commons Manager