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Commentaries on this Media!

Time Machine library database

by Critical Commons Manager

The otherwise unremarkable 2002 remake of H.G. Wells' Time Machine includes this sequence with an African-American library interface avatar. Set in the year 2030, a time traveler from 1899 attempts to access information from the public library but is thwarted by derision and sarcasm from a judgmental, elitist interface personality. As a depiction of interface design, this scene is nearly unique among movie sci-fi imaginings of future information systems. While affect is generally elided from interface design (both real and imaginary), it is even more rarely positioned as an inhibiting factor in a user's ability to harvest data from the presumed digital repositories that will be operating in the future.

Time Machine library database

In 2030, library databases will be controlled by ironic humanoid interfaces

from The Time Machine (2002)
Creator: Simon Wells
Distributor: Warner Brothers
Posted by Critical Commons Manager