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Commentaries on this Media!

Professor Frink predicts the future of computing

by Critical Commons Manager

The character of Professor John Frink on The Simpsons is known primarily for failed and poorly conceived experiments such as his death ray and sarcasm detector. In this flashback to the 1970s, Frink demonstrates a version of his supercomputer, the Frinkiac 7. In formulating his prediction of the future of computing, Frink inverts the usual formula of processing power, size and cost to conclude that, while processing power would merely double, the size and cost of the machines themselves would increase exponentially to the point where they were affordable only by the richest kings of Europe.

The Simpsons on immigration and technological innovation

A flashback reveals Apu's background in Computer Science

from The Simpsons Much Apu About Nothing (1996)
Creator: Matt Groening
Distributor: Fox
Posted by Critical Commons Manager