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Commentaries on this Media!

A paranoid phone company dreams of wireless communication

by Critical Commons Manager

An animatronic humanoid from the phone company reveals its megalomaniacal plan for replacing the physical infrastructure of the telephone system with neural implants, allowing direct communication among human beings without phones or wires. Between 1934 and 1984, AT&T and the Bell System held a federally regulated monopoly on all telecommunications in the United States. In part sparked by fears that the phone companies would exert excessive control over the growing computer industries, the phone company's monopoly was ended by court order in 1982, leading to the breakup of Bell into multiple competing service providers. This scene from the bizarre satire The President's Analyst hints at public sentiment toward the phone company's monopoly as early as 1967.

The President's Analyst explains why the phone company had to be broken up

As a Federal monopoly the phone company could dream of future technologies for wireless communication

from The President's Analyst (1967)
Creator: Theodore J. Flicker
Posted by Critical Commons Manager