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Commentaries on this Media!

Get rid of your flesh. Clean yourself. Dream.

by Michael Koerbel

It's interesting how this short starts.  The date 1.1.2000 ... but more importantly, two guys saying "shhh, this is the birth of techno."  What is even more interesting is how the piece builds over the following 2 minutes, to the point of one of the guy's screaming "kill me now" as he flies through a grid of the decades in his spaceship.

So what does this short mean?  What does it represent?  For me - it is about how everything can trace back to a single moment.  Everything built from something.  Every level of interactivity at one point was an initial exchange, that was received and then sent back (therefore making it interactive).  There is no such thing as something just existing, it has to be made, one detail at a time.

The sheer excitement as the film continues empowers me to see what is possible.  To get rid of my flesh. To clean myself.  To think of something new for the first time - to DREAM.

The Pod Y2K

Tim Hope's hybrid live-action/animation short epitomizes and parodies the spirit of Y2K on the eve of the millennium

from The Pod (1999)
Creator: Tim Hope
Posted by Critical Commons Manager