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Commentaries on this Media!

Moon landing on Mad Men

by Critical Commons Manager

A live TV broadcast of the moon landing creates a synchronous, bi-coastal experience for the cast of Mad Men during its final season. However, the celebratory mood of the TV viewers is punctured by the death of Bert Cooper (Robert Morse), causing an unscrupulous agency partner to immediately think of a power grab that would force out series star Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and usher in a computerized future. While this scene marks the end of a four-episode arc related to the installation of an IBM computer system in the agency, the partner's alignment with computerization as key to the future, squarely aligns the sentiment of the show with nostalgia for broadcast media as a unifying cultural presence and against the dehumanization of computers.

The Moon landing marks the transition from TV to computers on Mad Men

The death of Bert Cooper signifies the end of an era in advertising and the beginning of the computer age

from Mad Men season 7 (2014)
Creator: Matthew Weiner
Distributor: AMC
Posted by Critical Commons Manager