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Commentaries on this Media!

Man vs. Computer on How to Frame a Figg

by Critical Commons Manager

Dumb guys are not usually left in control of supercomputers in movies. In the case of How to Frame a Figg, the supercomputer LEO is being used to cover up an embezzlement scheme. When Don Knotts tests his mathematical skills against the computer, he inadvertently discovers the scheme. This scene highlights the stereotypical Hollywood trope of favorably comparing human and machine intelligence based on the ability to apply instinct and intuition.

The Large-capacity Enumerative Officiator (LEO) supercomputer is smarter than two dumb guys in How to Frame a Figg

In 1971 it was still possible to imagine that a room-sized computer was needed to perform simple mathematical calculations

from How to Frame a Figg (1971)
Creator: Alan Rafkin
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Posted by Critical Commons Manager