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Commentaries on this Media!

Visual resonances in James Bond titles

by Critical Commons Manager

This montage of title sequences from James Bond movies represents a first attempt at making visual sense out of 9 simultaneous streams of video. While certain visual tropes, such as high-contrast naked women's bodies writhing against a background of either fire or water, are easily spotted, what strategies of editing or montage might make this presentation more conducive to critical analysis? Given the near total cacophony of 9 full-volume audio tracks, it would also be interesting to experiment with some computational mechanism for altering the volume of each track as it plays. As a proof-of-concept, this first attempt is at least suggestive of future potentials. A collection of media such as this might also be sequenced according to chronology, title designer, animation or effects techniques, etc.

Test montage of titles from James Bond movies

A preliminary visual sketch for comparing multiple Bond title sequences from various eras

from James Bond titles composite (2013)
Creator: Multiple authors
Distributor: Critical Commons
Posted by Critical Commons Manager