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A-ha Literal Video

by Critical Commons Manager

With this video remix of a quintessential 1980s video, A-ha's Take on Me, Dustin McLean (aka Dusty McNeato) launched the movement called "literal videos." The original video was the first commercial music video animated by Michael Patterson, who styled the animation on his experimental short film Commuter. The video won six awards at the 1986 MTV Awards, including Best Experimental Video and Best Special Effects, based on its inventive use of the process of rotoscoping. The unqualified acclaim received by the video in the 1980s is ironic, given that the genre of "literal videos" is devoted to retrospectively mocking the formal conventions of commercial music video.

Take On Me literal video

The "literal video" that started an entire movement

from Take On Me literal video (2008)
Creator: Dustin McLean (Dusty McNeato)
Posted by Critical Commons Manager