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Commentaries on this Media!

The erotics of computer programming

by Critical Commons Manager

Hollywood has been at pains for many years to make computer code-writing seem visually interesting, usually resorting to elaborate 3D graphics and data visualizations that supersede the mind-numbing tedium of actual programming. This sequence from the reprehensible and politically muddled pre-911 terrorism/technology anxiety film Swordfish is no exception. Fueled by nicotine, red wine, techno music and an unnecessarily elaborate array of monitors, Hugh Jackman manages to makes computer hacking look as sexy and dynamic as a keyboard solo at an Emerson, Lake & Palmer concert.

The erotics of computer hacking in Swordfish

The "world's greatest hacker" Hugh Jackman makes computer programming look sexy and exciting

from Swordfish (2001)
Creator: Dominic Sena
Posted by Critical Commons Manager