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Commentaries on this Media!

Supercomputere subplot in Rollerball

by Critical Commons Manager

Sports hero James Caan, on a search for historical understanding of the dystopian future society of Rollerball, seeks answers in a local library, only to learn that all books have been converted to data and "summarized" for easy consumption, while librarians have been replaced by clerks geared for soothing public relations rather than information retrieval. Caan travels to Geneva in search of answers about corporate decision making in hopes of learning why he is being forced out of the game. There he discovers a liquid core supercomputer called Zero, that has recently "lost" the entire 13th century and answers direct questions with obstinate resistance and infuriating tautologies.

Supercomputer as cultural memory pool in Rollerball

After all the books have been destroyed, a liquid core supercomputer named Zero is responsible for maintaining all of humanity's memories

from Rollerball (1975)
Creator: Norman Jewison
Distributor: MGM
Posted by Critical Commons Manager