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Commentaries on this Media!

Rear Window loop shows Hitchcock's rigorous production design

by Critical Commons Manager

To create this amazing time-lapse, filmmaker Jeff Desom mined the database of shots comprising Hitchcock's 1954 film Rear Window and mapped them spatially onto a contiguous, virtual plane using the time-based image compositing software AfterEffects. The unique production design of Rear Window made such a reconstruction possible, since all external shots were composed from a single, static location identified with the point of view of Jimmy Stewart's character, a photographer confined to a wheelchair. Stewart's point-of-view shots are therefore necessarily taken from a fixed height and location from which he views all exterior action of the movie. Desom set an additional constraint for himself in maintaining the chronological sequence of the shots and used time-lapse to compress the progression of time in each sequence.

Spatialized timelapse of Hitchcock's Rear Window

Space and time collapse into a single panoramic plane created from Hitchcock's Rear Window

from Rear Window Loop (2011)
Creator: Jeff Desom
Posted by Critical Commons Manager