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Commentaries on this Media!

Snowden truth claim

by Critical Commons Manager

In this closing sequence, which includes end credits accompanied by glimpses of real news reports and headlines, Oliver Stone raises the bar on the docu-drama convention of juxtaposing historical images with fictional reenactments. Sutured into a single scene, we see Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance of Edward Snowden juxtaposed with the real Edward Snowden who continues the closing monologue filmed on location in Russia. The truth claim represented in this gesture emphasizes the superficial mimicry of Gordon-Levitt's (admittedly excellent) performance, but balances it by surrounding Stone's narrativization with the accoutrements of historical documentation. Why is so much emphasis placed on verisimilitude - of simply "looking right" - in historical reconstructions?

Snowden end sequence truth claim

In this closing documentary moment, the real Edward Snowden is sutured into a dramatic narrative diegesis

from Snowden (2016)
Creator: Oliver Stone
Distributor: Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Posted by Critical Commons Manager