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Commentaries on this Media!

Virtual Slide and VR stereotypes

by Critical Commons Manager

In this episode from season 4 titled "Virtual Slide" (originally aired June 22, 1998), the Sliders find themselves in a world where virtual reality has been incorporated into all aspects of daily life including "VR therapy," education, recreation and entertainment. Providing access to pleasurable memories and fantasies, VR headmounted displays are worn by nearly the entire population at all times, making even mundane tasks creative and enjoyable. The company that produces the VR units under the brand name "Realman" uses the slogan "Virtual Technology For Better Living." As the company's idea of better living quickly reveals itself to be highly addictive, rendering the population docile and easily manipulated, the sliders hack into the VR mainframe to convert fantasies into nightmares before sliding on to their next world.

Sliders Virtual Slide

The Sliders encounter a world where everyone is addicted to virtual reality

from Sliders S4E4: Virtual Slide (1998)
Creator: Tracy Tormé and Robert K. Weiss
Distributor: FX
Posted by Critical Commons Manager