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Commentaries on this Media!

A metaphor for something to do with the dotcom era

by Critical Commons Manager

In The Center of the World, a dotcom era computer genius is unable to relate to women except through computer screens or compensated entertainment. On the verge of his Los Angeles based technology company's IPO, the misleadingly named Richard Longman (Peter Sarsgaard) takes off for Las Vegas with a stripper (Molly Parker) under strict rules of engagement. The two may or may not fall in love with each other for real as Longman's company IPO makes him impossibly rich ($20 million). The question, which is presumably also operative on a metaphoric level, remains whether money can buy him the love of a stripper with a heart of gold?

Sexually repressed hacker gamer stereotype in The Center of the World

A stereotypical dotcom era computer genius simultaneously plays first person shooters and watches a sorority house shower webcam

from The Center of the World (2001)
Creator: Wayne Wang
Distributor: Artisan Entertainment
Posted by Critical Commons Manager