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Commentaries on this Media!

Avatar creation in S1mone

by Critical Commons Manager

All of the conventions of of avatar creation and idealized womanhood intersect in this scene from Andrew Niccol's S1mone. Al Pacino prepares a digital performer for a "live" performance via hologram in the LA Coliseum, literally using smoke and mirrors to dupe 100,000 ecstatic fans. The film also includes the utopian development of an ideal "real" woman in the form of his adoring teenage daughter on the verge of womanhood. Niccol went on to marry Rachel Roberts, the previously unknown actress who played Simone under a strict non-disclosure agreement by which the studio hoped to generate press speculating on whether the film's eponymous female character was, in fact, digitally generated.

S1mone avatar creation and performance

Al Pacino generates a "natural woman" avatar for holographic performance

from S1mone (2002)
Creator: Andrew Niccol
Posted by Critical Commons Manager