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Commentaries on this Media!

Ideoogy of A Soldier's Pledge

by Critical Commons Manager

This short montage sequence was produced to be shown in Christian churches on days that suggest a patriotic theme such as July 4th, Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Each of the images included here is laden with ideological connotations. It has now nearly 35 years since President Reagan delivered his inaugural address, which set the stage for eight years of Cold War military escalation in an arms race with the Soviet Union, deregulation of systems intended to safeguard the environment and economic policies that shifted the wealth of the United States disproportionately into the hands of a decreasing number of extremely wealthy individuals. How do the ideological resonances of this video, produced long after the original speech was delivered, relate to the realities of American life today? How do such images become so deeply embedded in a culture? Who is served by the messages contained in this video? What ideological commitments are embedded in *this* analysis?

Ronald Reagan A Soldier's Pledge montage

Declaring "We are Americans," this video adds patriotic images to an excerpt from Reagan's first inaugural address

from A Soldier's Pledge (2010)
Creator: Hyper Pixels Media
Distributor: Hyper Pixels Media
Posted by Critical Commons Manager