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Commentaries on this Media!

Rockford Files and data surveillance

by Critical Commons Manager

In this prescient episode from season 4 of The Rockford Files, Jim uncovers a domestic  surveillance operation that is collecting intelligence on U.S. citizens by means of data centers located in suburban homes protected by remote surveillance systems and monitored with military efficiency by ruthless corporate agents. The show ends with a didactic warning from the U.S. Privacy Protection Commission (created by Congress via the Privacy Act of 1974) stating that such operations are being carried out in the real world, in violation of citizens' rights to privacy and due process.

Rockford files data surveillance didactic ending

The didactic ending of the Rockford Files episode "The House on Willis Avenue" (S4E21) warns against eroding privacy due to data surveillance

from Rockford Files S4E21 (1978)
Creator: Roy Huggins, Stephen J. Cannell
Distributor: NBC
Posted by Critical Commons Manager