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Superman 3 computer school

by Critical Commons Manager

An otherwise unemployable Richard Pryor, on the verge of destitution enrolls in computer programming school and discovers his true calling as an idiot savant programmer and hardware designer. Released in 1983, Superman 3 offered a vision of computer programming that would have been untenable only a year or two later, as the number of personal computer users exceeded the number of mainframe users for the first time. Pryor's character nonetheless proceeds to put his newfound abilities to work embezzling from his employer, taking over control of a weather satellite to wreak destruction in Latin America, and ultimately designing the ultimate supercomputer as a doomsday device capable of defeating Superman.

Richard Pryor discovers he is a computer savant not a bum in Superman 3

As a transitional film on the cusp of the PC era Superman 3 conflates the potentials of individual programming virtuosity with the institutional logic of the mainframe era

from Superman 3 (1983)
Creator: Richard Lester
Distributor: Warner Brothers
Posted by Critical Commons Manager