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Commentaries on this Media!

Sex is linked with data transfer in Takedown

by Critical Commons Manager

Transferring files from remote computers does not need to be a tedious process, even over the modems that were available in 1995 when Kevin Mitnick was still eluding the FBI. In the Hollywood imaginary of Takedown, hacking is consistently portrayed as exciting and sexual, as exemplified by this scene with Mitnick's arch-rival Tsutomu Shimomura, whose computer is hacked at the precise moment when he is distracted by his girlfriend, a problem that Mitnick, at least according to Shimomura's book on which the film was based, never had.

Remote data transfer is linked with sex to create a frenzy of hacking excitement in Takedown

Two computer hacker arch-rivals compete for supremacy in cyberspace...and in the bedroom!

from (2000)
Creator: Joe Chappelle
Posted by Critical Commons Manager