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Commentaries on this Media!

Connection between gaming and hacking

by Critical Commons Manager

An early scene associating computer hacking with gaming focuses on a child computer prodigy (Robbie Rist), who innocently diverted large sums of money from a bank. When questioned about his gaming activities, the boy describes a world of fantasy games "like Dungeons and Dragons, only better." He goes on to explain how he figured out how to divert funds from the bank after he "played with the machine a lot." Instead of bringing charges, the bank officer offers him a job, noting, "anybody as good with computers as you are is not going to have to worry about earning money."

Prototypical, gamer hacker on Simon & Simon

An early televisual association between online fantasy games and computer hacking

from Simon and Simon S1E3 "Trapdoors" (1981)
Creator: Philip DeGuere
Distributor: CBS
Posted by Critical Commons Manager