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Commentaries on this Media!

A parody of wearable computing

by Critical Commons Manager

Twenty years after Get Smart went off the air, this abominable film knockoff reunited most of the original cast for a forgettable recycling of Get Smart one-liners. By 1989, one might have expected a slightly more competent treatment of the concept of a wearable computer in this gearing-up scene, in which a sport coat is presented as the ultimate digital communications center. Is the mispronunciation of "Silicone" Valley deliberately comedic or evidence that California's technology center had not yet risen to broad public awareness?

Prototype of wearable computer on Get Smart, Again

Maxwell Smart is outfitted with a wearable computer made of "thousands of cotton microchips interwoven with silk spun from specially bred silkworms from the Silicone (sic) Valley"

from Get Smart Again (1989)
Creator: Gary Nelson
Posted by Critical Commons Manager