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Person of Interest title sequence

by Critical Commons Manager

The title sequence for Jonathan Nolan's Person of Interest uses the graphical language of augmented reality to establish the show's narrative premise, which is based on the existence of an artificial intelligence surveillance system capable of gathering and synthesizing data from contemporary communications networks including mobile phones, instant messages, e-mail and social networks in order to generate partial predictions of imminent, violent behavior by U.S. residents. Unlike a similar system developed by Batman in The Dark Knight (2008), narrative tensions in Person of Interest focus not on the propriety or legality of this combination of (clearly unconstitutional) surveillance and data mining but on the justification for the violence to be committed.

Person of Interest title sequence

The opening title sequence of the CBS series Person of Interest describes the development of a government AI system capable of predicting violent behavior

from Person of Interest (2012)
Creator: Jonathan Nolan
Distributor: CBS
Posted by Critical Commons Manager