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Commentaries on this Media!

Criminal faces on Orange is the New Black

by Critical Commons Manager

The opening title sequence of the women-in-prison drama Orange is the New Black uses close-ups of facial features to introduce the show. The fragmentation of facial and bodily features for purposes of criminal identification dates back to the 19th century criminalogical system developed by Alphonse Bertillon. In addition to documenting facial features with photography, Bertillon advocated the use of bodily measurements for identity confirmation. This title sequence adopts the aesthetics of Bertillon card details, seemingly inviting viewers to study facial features for indicators associated with criminal behavior.

Opening titles of Orange is the New Black

Close ups of facial features resemble Bertillon images in depicting convicts

from Orange is the New Black (2013)
Creator: Jenji Kohan
Distributor: Netflix
Posted by Critical Commons Manager