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Destruction of a female network executive

by Critical Commons Manager

In one of the most mean-spirited and overwritten attacks on television ever produced by Hollywood film industry, William Holden subjects Faye Dunaway to a withering critique of her soulless existence as a network television executive: "You're television incarnate….indifferent to suffering, insensitive to joy, all of life is reduced to the common rubble of banality, war, murder, death…you're madness…virulent madness! Everything you touch dies with you." Throughout the film, the Dunaway character is indeed responsible for some reprehensible actions including the creation of a reality TV progenitor based on Black Muslim Marxist revolutionaries who are hired to film their crimes and ultimately the televised killing of a rogue network anchorman, but the relentless stereotyping of a cold female executive in the entertainment industry still plays as condescendingly misogynist.

Woman as incarnation of TV wasteland

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William Holden patronizingly attacks Faye Dunaway as "television incarnate" - the worst insult imaginable - in Network

from Network (1976)
Creator: Sidney Lumet
Posted by Critical Commons Manager