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Commentaries on this Media!

Intertextual references in MST3K

by Critical Commons Manager

References to popular culture abound in this opening sequence to Mystery Science Theater 3000's re-scripting of the 1964 Douglas Heyes film Kitten With a Whip. Characteristic of a moment in postmodern culture and the ascendance of cable television programming that thrived on cultural references and intertextual allusion, MST3K (1988-99) may be postioned alongside the Beavis and Butthead as among the high points of postmodern appropriation.

MST3K Kitten with a Whip opening sequence

Intertextual references abound in this opening title sequence from Mystery Science Theater 3000

from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1994)
Creator: Joel Hodgson
Distributor: Comedy Central
Posted by Critical Commons Manager