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Commentaries on this Media!

Ms. Dewey search interface agent

by Critical Commons Manager

Microsoft's Ms. Dewey arrived late to the internet bot party, more than three years after advertising agency CP+B/The Barbarian Group launched the wildly successful Subservient Chicken campaign to promote a sandwich for Burger King, and user responses more closely resembled playful interactions with the chicken than with the utility of a search engine. In retrospect, Ms. Dewey also marks another in Microsoft's long line of failed anthropomorphic user interfaces (cf. Bob, Clippy), while hinting at the desperation the company must have been feeling in response to Google's ascension as the search engine of choice in the mid-2000s. Developed by the advertising agency The Evolution Bureau/MRM, Ms. Dewey appears to have been motivated by the desire to reform Microsoft's unhip public image via a titillating viral campaign. Ms. Dewey was taken offline when Microsoft launched its Bing search engine in 2009 (minor synch drift in original media).

Ms. Dewey: Best of Dewey

Microsoft's short lived Live Search viral bot Ms. Dewey did not really enhance search functionality

from Ms. Dewey (2007)
Creator: Microsoft
Posted by Critical Commons Manager