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Holographic home movies in Minority Report

by Critical Commons Manager

In this narratively inconsequential scene from Minority Report, Tom Cruise showcases a holographic technology for reexperiencing home movies in a fixed, domestic projection space. These recordings are stored on small, transparent disks that seem to last only a minute or two, even less time than a standard 50-foot reel of super-8 film. Cruise stops occasionally to inhale from what appears to be a high-tech crack pipe, strengthening the association of such technologies with his character's inability to live in the present, an almost identical strategy as that seen in Strange Days and the VR "wire." The beginning of this scene also includes one of the film's signature production design nuances, in which a malfunctioning box of breakfast cereal fails to shut off its automatic media player when set down. In response to the annoying commercial jingle, Cruise first re-seats the box on the table then, when it continues to play, he hurls it across the room. The inclusion of technological malfunctions serves to make the world created by the film's design fiction more believable to audiences who are accustomed to syncretic layers of technology and error-prone computational systems in their own lives.

Holographic home movies in Minority Report

How do the technologies of holography and virtual reality alter the cinematic imaginary of home movies?

from Minority Report (2002)
Creator: Steven Spielberg
Posted by Critical Commons Manager