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Commentaries on this Media!

A video wall as projective surface

by Critical Commons Manager

This montage of scenes with "The Architect" near the conclusion of The Matrix Reloaded revisits the question of human agency vs. determinism and the chaos of humanity vs. mathematical precision. The multiscreen monitor array surrounding the two characters serves as a visual extension of the conversation, alternately providing evidentiary support for The Architect's explanations of Neo's role in The Matrix and suggesting multiple possible reactions and emotional displays from the otherwise implacable Keanu Reeves. The screens are a visual metaphor of the ubiquity of visual information within a virtual environment composed entirely of code that is capable of seamlessly morphing from abstract data to visual representation. Within the Hollywood imaginary, the visual trope of a room filled with television monitors continues to signify a futuristic information overload that may be understood and controlled only by a highly evolved technological elite. It is difficult to tell whether the affectless and, at times, robotic persona of Reeves is intended to pay homage to Max Headroom or not. However, like Headroom, Neo has become inextricably entangled with the information networks of the Matrix, where he also poses the greatest threat to techno-corporatist hegemony.

Logic vs importance

by Christian Frates

During these scenes, the Architect heavily resembles logic and Neo symbolizes importance. The Architect speaks very affluent compared to Neo. Unlike Neo, the Architect sees life as nothing but equations and logic. The Architect convinces Neo that his species are imperfect and the Architect is very perfect.

by Cinema S

Montage of scenes with The Architect in Matrix Reloaded

This montage of scenes with Neo and The Architect uses a wall of video monitors as an expressive extension of the conversation

from The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
Creator: The Wachowski Brothers
Posted by Critical Commons Manager