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Commentaries on this Media!

Mannix titles

by Critical Commons Manager

The opening title sequence from the first season of Mannix deploys numerous stereotypes of 1970s action TV shows, including the use of split screens and high tech imagery, including the omnipresent supercomputer, an IBM 1460, which is central to the investigative work of Intertect, the agency for which Mannix works. As a rogue agent who does not conform easily to institutional bureaucracy, Mannix continually contradicts the technocratic wisdom of the agency's computer, using intuition, and physical action in sharp contrast to the bespectacled geeks who analyze data from the computer and prescribe logical strategies of investigation. After the first season, Mannix leaves Intertect (which closely resembles the name of a real computer manufacturer which would later market a personal computer known as the "Superbrain") to open his own agency, where he is free from corporate surveillance and the dictates of technology.

Mannix title sequence

The opening title sequence from the first season of Mannix, using multiple split screens and ambient supercomputing

from Mannix (1967)
Creator: Richard Levinson, William Link
Posted by Critical Commons Manager