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Commentaries on this Media!

Calm display technology

by Critical Commons Manager

I am increasingly interested in imaginary technologies that appear in movies which appear to be device-less. Unlike the more typical "centerpiece" technology sequence during which narrative progression is put on hold while viewers are invited to marvel at the effects-driven display of technology on screen (cf. Minority Report's G-Speak scene) this scene from A Sound of Thunder features an understated (but very cool) light pen technology capable of drawing in air to explain a complex scientific theory. It has been more than 15 years since Marc Weiser and John Seely Brown introduced the concept of "calm technology." Why are there so few examples in the cinematic imaginary?

Another test commentary

by Erik Loyer


Light pen and holographic display as design fiction in Sound of Thunder

In an age of time travel a holographic light pen display makes for a plausible design fiction

from A Sound of Thunder (2005)
Creator: Peter Hyams
Posted by Critical Commons Manager