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Commentaries on this Media!

La Jetee

by Critical Commons Manager

In Chris Marker's La Jetee, a complex, dystopian science fiction narrative is constructed (almost) entirely through still images accompanied by voice over. Why did the filmmaker choose these constraints and what were the consequences? Would the film be better in live action? Was 12 Monkeys better than La Jetee? What are the unique affordances and limiations of a sequence composed of still images as opposed to the simulations of motion we are accustomed to in cinema? Is there anything about the use of still images that resonates with the story of the film? In what ways does the narrative scenario constructed by this film reflect strategies of world building? Does this film convince you once and for all that constructing a compelling narrative does not depend on access to elaborate production resources, technology and money?

La Jetee

Short film composed (almost) entirely of still images

from La Jetee (1962)
Creator: Chris Marker
Distributor: Criterion Collection
Posted by Critical Commons Manager