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Commentaries on this Media!

Metaphors of cognition explain computers

by Critical Commons Manager

Two Senators receive a demonstration of the Magnetic Analyzer Computer Synchrotron (MACS) on board a naval warship. The question of whether the most sophisticated computers are able to "think" recurs in films from this era. When and why did we stop wondering if computers were as smart as humans? Have we actually stopped worrying about this? While supercomputers in the cinematic imaginary of the 1950s-70s focused on the potentials for competition with human intelligence, the era of the personal computer brought with it a reconception of the relationship between humans and computers as one of symbiotic extension and augmentation.

Introduction to the electronic brain MACS (Magnetic Analyzer Computer Synchrotron) in The Honeymoon Machine

Metaphors of cognition make the data processing of an electronic brain legible to non-specialists

from The Honeymoon Machine (1961)
Creator: Richard Thorpe
Distributor: MGM
Posted by Critical Commons Manager