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Commentaries on this Media!

Whiz Kids vs. Automan

by Critical Commons Manager

Two ill-fated TV series appeared in 1983 that were directly inspired by successful cybermovies of the early 1980s: Whiz Kids (CBS) and Automan (ABC). Created by Simon & Simon creator Philip DeGuere, Whiz Kids featured a foursome of high school computer hackers who use their knowledge of computers to help solve crimes. Unlike Automan, which presented computers as magical and omnipotent, Whiz Kids was more closely linked with the technological realities of the early PC era.

Introduction to the CBS series Whiz Kids

Inspired by the success of WarGames, the short-lived TV series Whiz Kids explored the televisual potentials of teenaged computer experts as detectives

from Whiz Kids (1983)
Creator: Philip DeGuere
Posted by Critical Commons Manager