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Stereotypes and bad comedy on Quark

by Critical Commons Manager

After Buck Henry's success in co-creating Get Smart, audiences must have been deeply disappointed by his sci-fi space spoof comedy Quark a few years later. As seen in this opening to the series pilot, the show hinged on several problematic and not very funny premises, including a character named Gene/Jean who has a complete set of male and female genes. Even though characters in the show plodded through this explanation every time Gene/Jean shifted genders, the effect played not as a gender change but as the affectation or suppression of a homophobic stereotype. In later episodes, the character's voice was dubbed in to try to help with this problem, but the improvement was only marginal. The show also featured a set of clones/twins who compete improbably for the affections of the ship's Captain and an out of control robot that dry humps mechanical objects on the ship.

Introduction to Quark

The opening scene of the TV space comedy Quark reveals why it was cancelled after just one season

from (1978)
Creator: Buck Henry
Distributor: NBC
Posted by Critical Commons Manager