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A supercomputer adds legitimacy to a charlatan's claim to cure cancer

by Critical Commons Manager

The full moralistic self-righteousness of Hawaii Five-0 is directed at alternative medicine and unscrupulous scientists when Steve McGarrett's nephew is diagnosed with terminal cancer. The boy dies while McGarrett proves that his proposed treatment wouldn't have worked anyway. The woman doctor who claimed to have cured multiple cases of cancer using low-voltage electricity treatments deployed a room-sized supercomputer for the diagnosis, lending a veneer of legitimacy and technological sophistication to her sham practice.

In the hands of a quack doctor, a supercomputer promises the cure for cancer on Hawaii 5-0

An alternative medicine practitioner uses a supercomputer to diagnose and treat cases of terminal cancer, until she tangles with Steve McGarrett

from Hawaii Five-0 S1E19 "Once Upon a Time" (1969)
Creator: Leonard Freeman
Distributor: CBS
Posted by Critical Commons Manager