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Commentaries on this Media!

Non-linear aesthetics

by Critical Commons Manager

These videos exemplify some of the characteristics of non-linear narrative, including the use of looping, real-time temporality, simultaneity, multiplicity, persistence and what Henry Jenkins terms "micronarratives." In her book New Digital Cinema, Holly Willis describes the following factors contributing to the wave of temporal experiments seen in digital cinema, design shorts and music videos as: the shortening of temporal horizons, intense space-time compression, values of instantaneity and simultaneity, treatment of the future as an extended present, and an emphasis on “real-time” and immediacy of action. However, as we see in Tango (1980), temporal experimentation did not begin with the digital age.

Imitation of Life

Garth Jennings' music video for REM's Imitation of Life

from Imitation of Life (2001)
Creator: Hammer and Tongs
Posted by Critical Commons Manager