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Logic and reason prevail in a room full of computers

by Critical Commons Manager

The disheveled detective Columbo played by Peter Falk is often faced with reconciling facts with instinct. In "A Deadly State of Mind" a corrupt psychiatrist (George Hamilton) uses logic and rationality while surrounded by room-sized computers to try to conceal his guilt in a murder investigation. In the televisual imaginary of the 1970s, rooms full of computers are frequently associated with characters who have lost or compromised their humanity. This is further exacerbated if associated with universities or the scientific establishment.

Human instinct vs. computer logic in Columbo

A data processing center provides the backdrop for the disheveled detective Columbo to reconcile cold facts with human intuition

from Columbo S4E6 "A Deadly State of Mind" (1975)
Creator: William Link and Richard Levinson
Distributor: Universal
Posted by Critical Commons Manager