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Commentaries on this Media!

House (Maternity, 2004)

by Linda Ghent

Scarcity lies at the heart of economics. The imbalance between our unlimited wants and our limited resources means that we as a society have to make choices. These choices can be as simple as "what will I eat for dinner tonight?" or as complex as "what is the best way to save the most lives?"

In this clip, a number of newborn babies have become ill simultaneously. House and his team must race to determine the cause of this mystery ailment to save them, but also prevent additional babies from becoming ill. The choice the team faces is how to determine what the illness is. Their methods may cross ethical boundaries and have grave opportunity costs. As you watch the clip, consider the options available to the doctors, and the opportunity costs of choosing one method over another.



House: Maternity

A number of newborn babies acquire unknown diseases simultaneously. House and his aides must race against the clock to save them and avoid further spread of the disease.

from House: Season 1 (2004)
Creator: David Shore
Posted by Critical Commons Manager