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Commentaries on this Media!

Lightning history in Hot Tub Time Machine

by Critical Commons Manager

In Hot Tub Time Machine an unwitting group of time-travelers to the 1980s are able to deduce their dislocation in time through a combination of real world signifiers (fashion, hair styles, technology) in addition to the usual televisual montage featuring an esoteric array of 1980s signifiers: Ronald Reagan, Alf, David Bowie, MTV, etc. The lightning history montage relies on a combination of period-specific iconography and preexisting knowledge in viewers, effectively rewarding and reinforcing stereotypes and reductive, shorthand historical signification.

Hot Tub Time Machine lightning history montage

Unwitting time travelers discover they are actually in the 1980s through a television montage of iconic signifiers of the decade

from Hot Tube Time Machine (2010)
Creator: Steve Pink
Distributor: MGM/UA
Posted by Critical Commons Manager