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Commentaries on this Media!

Video game as class signifier

by Critical Commons Manager

In 1973, the placement of a futuristic arcade console of Computer Space (the first commercially marketed coin-operated arcade game) in the home of a wealthy aristocrat would have clearly signified to audiences the intended combination of wealth and privilege this scene intends. This is also the first incidence of on-screen video gameplay in the history of American cinema at a time when arcade consoles were just beginning to make a place in popular culture. The obvious ineptness of the game play seen here is symptomatic of a time when filmmakers could assume a general lack of game play literacy among audiences.

Home video game arcade console as class signifier in Soylent Green

In the year 2022 a videogame "toy" amuses the youthful mistress of a wealthy aristocrat in a dystopian future plagued by overpopulation

from Soylent Green (1973)
Creator: Richard Fleischer
Distributor: MGM Home Video
Posted by Critical Commons Manager