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Immersive therapy on DS9

by Critical Commons Manager

Returning to a familiar theme from Star Trek: TNG, the spinoff series Deep Space 9 returned to the themes of adolescent addiction and games as therapy with the episode "It's Only a Paper Moon" in 1998. In this episode, an adolescent boy has taken refuge in the space station's "holo-suite," which is generally used for recreation and alternative narrative scenarios. A meeting of station officers and concerned parties including a counselor and physician is convened to discuss the situation. The suggestion that spending time in a virtual world may serve a therapeutic function is initially ridiculed, but is ultimately accepted as a course of action by which it is hoped the boy may return to normal functioning.

Holographic video games as therapy in Deep Space 9

The season 7 episode "It's Only a Paper Moon" debates the usefulness of immersive games for adolescent therapy

from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S7E10 (1998)
Creator: Rick Berman and Michael Piller
Distributor: Paramount
Posted by Critical Commons Manager