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Commentaries on this Media!

Harsh Realm video introduction

by Critical Commons Manager

The X-Files' Gillian Anderson reads the narration for this video introduction to the post-apocalyptic game simulator Harsh Realm, Chris Carter's short-lived series that recycled tropes of virtual reality, paranoid culture and videogames. Although much-anticipated, the series was canceled by Fox after airing only three episodes and the series was shifted to the Fox-owned FX cable network, where a total of nine episodes were completed. This video is supposed to introduce new players to the game scenario, in which they are assigned to kill the game's top-scoring player, a military dictator who has taken over control of the entire simulator and is threatening to extend his power to commit terrorist acts in the real world, but in fact, it functions as a one-way portal into the game, from which return is unlikely.

Harsh Realm game introduction

The introduction to the virtual reality war game simulator Harsh Realm

from Harsh Realm (1999)
Creator: Chris Carter
Distributor: Fox
Posted by Critical Commons Manager